NEW Electroplating Line !

After 2 years of planning and construction . . . our new plating facility is in full production.  A team effort was needed from start to finish.  We now offer high volume, barrel plating operations for standard zinc, zinc & clear, zinc with supplementary yellow-dichromate and passivation (for stainless steel parts).
All parts are washed, rinsed, plated, rinsed, inspected and packaged (all on-site) in our manufacturing facility . . . all on the same city block.  One (or two) day turn-around time is normal on all orders.  Our larger (damage resistant) barrel system can plate 250+ lbs. per batch, saving you time and money per job.
We did our homework on the methods of electroplating . . . and it paid off with brilliant, quality plating for our customers.

Call us with questions, or requests for quotations at (800)833-6417 cst (Iowa).  We'd be more than happy to discuss your plating needs.  Thanks for viewing our blog . . . and see our website at for more detailed company information.