Hose Fittings

These fittings are a relatively simple part.  However, we run 1000s of pieces and the first part off the machine is just as good as #1000.  Call us at (800)833-6417 for quotes
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It can't all be about work . . .

I found a mannequin head in our dumpster one day, and had some fun with a few our machinists.  They got me back today . . . I looked in a tool cabinet and my heart rate went up a few beats !

Check These Out . . .

Each part has a "flat" milled on the stub

A slightly complicated part - kicking out multiples.
Call us at (800)833-6417 for quotes, questions anytime.

Threaded Drivers

Turned, Thread OD'd, Threaded, Drilled, Broached & Chamfered

Satisfied Customers = Multiple Reorders

This standard Hex is internally threaded 3/8-16 with counter bore and chamfer.  Multiple operations at high volume is our specialty.  In-house plating facility saves our customers time and money . . . we try our best to increase your profits and eliminate call backs and down time for your job.
More externally threaded inserts . . .
Multiple reorders for these satisfied customers !

Diversified Variety

The last few months we've manufactured a wide variety of parts . . . each requiring multiple operations.  High volume or Low volume - we will complete your order in a timely manner with quality parts.  Call us today for a quotation at (800)833-6417 cst - Iowa

NEW Electroplating Line !

After 2 years of planning and construction . . . our new plating facility is in full production.  A team effort was needed from start to finish.  We now offer high volume, barrel plating operations for standard zinc, zinc & clear, zinc with supplementary yellow-dichromate and passivation (for stainless steel parts).
All parts are washed, rinsed, plated, rinsed, inspected and packaged (all on-site) in our manufacturing facility . . . all on the same city block.  One (or two) day turn-around time is normal on all orders.  Our larger (damage resistant) barrel system can plate 250+ lbs. per batch, saving you time and money per job.
We did our homework on the methods of electroplating . . . and it paid off with brilliant, quality plating for our customers.

Call us with questions, or requests for quotations at (800)833-6417 cst (Iowa).  We'd be more than happy to discuss your plating needs.  Thanks for viewing our blog . . . and see our website at www.dfsusa.com for more detailed company information. 


Our ace machine operator Randy . . . running multiple parts on a bank of 5 cnc machines today.  Programming operations on our new Zeit(shown).  A couple Emcos spinning steel bars, and a Nexturn dropping these tiny threaded inserts. 

Multiple Operations / Fast Turn-Around / Competitive Cost

This high-volume part is cut to length, faced, mill cut, turned, beveled and threaded.  Finished parts off the end of a single machine.  We also offer a "Full Line" In-House Electroplating Facility for customers with a need for zinc & clear . . . or passivation(of stainless steel).  Most plating jobs only add an extra 24hrs to the finished product.

Coming Soon:  A new, user friendly "Contact Us" information LINK on our 
CUSTOM MANUFACTURING Website at www.dfsusa.com

New CNC Machinery: via Zeit

Setting up our new Zeit Swiss-style.  This new machine joins our current bank of Swiss - however, it offers you (our customer) larger piece diameters to 42mm (1.625"). 

Big Parts !

Yes, we can manufactured larger singles, multis . . . 
We're here to help.  
These new parts required multiple operations - inspected, packaged and shipped.  Freight lines and UPS everyday.
By the box or by the pallet.
Note: Our new plating line is currently doing Clear Zinc, Zinc & Yellow and Stainless Steel Passivation. Manufacturing and Plating operations all at the same facility which saves our customer's lead times, freight and handling charges.

Threaded Shafts

I noticed this unique part the other day . . . threaded on each end (with 2 different thread lengths) for each.  No quantity is too big or too small . . . call for information on manufacturing your parts.

Threaded Adapters

High volume threaded parts. 
 Just one of our specialties at DFS/USA.

New Machines

It's interesting to see how a 30+ Ton (60,000+ lbs.) machine arrives.  Gift Wrapped.  Our old machine is then "gift wrapped" for the new owner.  That's a lot of American Iron . . . as we manufacture our "American-Made" parts.  Made in USA is Here To Stay

CNC Mill Cutter Operations

This piece has been designed with multiple, equal distance, mill cutter operations around the OD.  Internally threaded, faced - (and after a deburring operation) - they are ready for shipment. 

Aluminum Tubes . . .

. . . machined from 6061-T6 aluminum tubing.  Each has a slash-cut end with a knurling operation. 

Fastener Kits

Our Con-Sert Tool ( concrete screw combo drill & driver ) has been a manufactured staple for us the last 25 years.  We produce many unique anchoring products and kits for the construction industry.  See our website for more information on our fastening products . . . www.dfsusa.com

Cross Drilling

Bar Stock to Finished Parts.  Completed pins are cross drilled with chamfer.

From Programming . . . To Packaging . . .

We have the ability to machine high volume parts to your strict specifications . . . following the job throughout the entire process to ensure a quality product arrives on time . . . at your doorstep.
PHOTO ABOVE: Bubble wrapped for safety . . .

Quality Parts - High Volume or Low Volume

UPDATE: As of February 12th, 2014, our machine shop continues to grow and expand. We have upgraded our manufacturing potential and continue to receive new customers while supplying many long-standing clients.  High Volume or Low Volume - We welcome the opportunity to quote you.
Call us anytime to discuss.  Ph: (800)833-6417 cst
Mark Parsons (DFS Sales Associate)

Damage Control

Many of the precision parts we manufacture cannot have any type of nick or burrs present upon delivery.  DFS utilizes special bins upon request to minimize damage to fragile parts . . . especially when outside plant plating and coatings are needed.  We run our new Eurotech for 3"+ diameter parts. 

Domestic Drop-In Anchors

We are currently seeking new distributors for our domestically produced Drop-In Anchors.  These anchors are manufactured at our plant in Charles City, Iowa and shipped direct to your warehouse - or drop shipped direct to the jobsite.   
For more information....Call (800)833-6417 cst and ask for Robert - and thank you for your interest !

Quality Control and Quality Assurance

Our customers rely on us for quality products.  This requires a variety of measuring devices, methods and proper training.  Consistent performance throughout the entire manufacturing process - from start to finish.

All records of manufactured parts are double-checked and filed for future reference as required to the:
ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. 
Certificate Registration No: 951 03 1884
As always, we welcome your RFQs . . . 
DFS/USA, Diversified - "Still Growing for 2013 ! "